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€50 (£40) FREE From Housers [LIMITED DOUBLE BONUS]

Get €50 FREE from Housers when you invest €50 (the minimum investment). Once you have made your investment, and the project is fully funded, the following month you will get your bonus added to your account. You have to invest this bonus at least once, and within 3 months or it will disappear. The minimum project term is 12 months. Housers is a Spanish P2P loan platform, specializing in real estate projects. 


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Currently available worldwide!

€15 (£14) FREE With Viainvest

Get €15 FREE from Viainvest when you invest €50. If you need your money back quickly, there are 30-day loans available. Viainvest is a Latvian-based P2P loan platform offering high-interest rates for the lender (around 12%). As a bonus, almost all loans are backed with a buyback guarantee (Viainvest will cover the costs should you not get paid).


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Currently available to the UK, EU, Russia and Ukraine.

Get Up To €100 (£90) FREE From Swissborg

Get up to €100 FREE from Swissborg when you sign up via the link below, complete ID checks, and deposit at least €50. You do not have to invest this €50, just deposit it and your free scratch card (which can be up to the value of €100) will be credited instantly. The bonus is credited in bitcoin, but even if you are a bitcoin/crypto n0ob it’s super easy (and intuitive) to convert it back to your currency, and if it’s a weekday you can normally have your deposit + bonus back in your account that day. Please note, there is a £1 withdrawal fee so if you only get a 1 EUR bonus you do run the risk of making no money, but these are very uncommon circumstances.


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Currently available virtually worldwide!

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