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€50 (£45) FREE With TFGCrowd

Get €50 FREE from TFGCrowd when you invest €500. Most loans are a 12-24 month long term. TFGCrowd is a European-based P2P loan platform offering the highest rates for the lender (around 24%) I’ve ever seen. In order to get your bonus, you need to invest the €500 in one go, for at least 180 days. After this time you should also make around €50 interest. As a bonus, almost all loans are backed with a buyback guarantee (TFGCrowd will cover the costs should you not get paid).


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Currently available to the UK and EU.

€50 (£45) FREE With CurrencyFair

Get €50 FREE From CurrencyFair when you transfer £2,000 or more into another currency. I highly suggest you create a European IBAN account number using Transferwise and sending the money to yourself (into your EUR account). You can do this via a few other services (such as Revolut, Monese but these accounts get hosted in the UK, and so won’t work for all of the money transfer offers. Transferwise is best for this reason!). As I can’t post this link publicly, please use the link below to contact me requesting my referral link. CurrencyFair is an Irish based money transfer site, they offer great rates in comparison to their competitors. Please note, there will be a £2.50 transaction fee. 


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Currently available to the UK.

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